The Califa Library Group is a not-for-profit membership cooperative serving member libraries in California. We serve every type of library, though the bulk of our membership is made up of public libraries. If your library isn’t a member, you can join today!

Benefits of a Califa Membership


  • Our vendors agree to offer product and service discounts to Califa member libraries.
  • On average, member libraries save 10-15% off list price when purchasing through Califa.
  • In 2021, Califa member libraries saved an estimated, combined total of $697,513 on their eResource subscriptions by purchasing through Califa.
  • Don’t see a vendor you want to work with? Let us know! We are always happy to add new vendors to our roster and new discounts for our members.

Simplified Procurement

  • Califa can be your invoicing agent which means you don’t have to add multiple vendors to your financial system. We invoice you; the vendors invoice us.
  • Don’t get bogged down with legal review! At a library’s request, Califa can sign vendor documents on behalf of the library in order to expedite processes.
  • With Califa you only need to keep track of one contact instead of handling many, often-changing vendor reps.


We value authentic work and solid customer service. Libraries already hustle hard, so we want to assist in any way we can. Got an idea, question or problem? We are here to help.

Membership Fees

  • $500 -- 100 or more FTE staff
  • $400 -- 16 to 99 FTE staff
  • $300 -- 6 to 15 FTE staff
  • $200 -- 2 to 5 FTE staff
  • $100 -- 1 or fewer FTE staff
  • $150 -- Library Consortium/Network/System/Organization Headquarters