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Rosen Digital publishes award-winning, curriculum correlated K-12 nonfiction--eBooks and Interactive eBooks powered by the new epointplus enhanced reading experience; apps; games; and interactive databases. All are tablet, smartphone, Chromebook, and iPad compatible and support STEM/STEAM, Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship. Empower all students to Explore, Learn, Create at rosendigital.com.




Teen Health & Wellness
**AEP Distinguished Achievement, BESSIE, Digital Health, and EDDIE Award-winner!**
"Ground-breaking…A+. The frontrunner in health information for teenagers and a definite must-have for all high school and public libraries." – School Library Journal

The award-winning online resource provides middle and high-school teens up-to-date, nonjudgmental, straightforward, curricular and self-help support. Database articles cover diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, gender identity, bullying, and more.





Digital Literacy
**BESSIE Award-winner and Library Journal's Best New Database**

Digital Literacy empowers 21st-century learners with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively navigate the digital world. Database articles explore cyberbullying, digital etiquette, search and research skills, various digital platforms, technology's biggest movers and shakers, and more.





Financial Literacy
**BESSIE and LMC/ARBA Best in Reference Award-winner!**
"The information in this database feels personalized, as though written to an individual reading it…great for business and economics programs, as well as personal finance, and career courses. Highly recommended." – Library Media Connection

From personal finance and entrepreneurship to market economics and globalization, Financial Literacy makes economics and finance readily comprehensible and highly engaging. Articles explore macro-, micro-, and global economics as well as personal and household finance.





Core Concepts: Chemistry
**EDDIE Award-winner and Booklist Editor's Choice**
"Highly accessible and packed with informative material presented in an unusually uncomplicated package." – School Library Journal

The third database in Rosen's Core Concepts suite encourages students to explore the world around them from the subatomic level on up. Supporting STEM learning and the Next Generation Science Standards, this rich resource covers atoms, elements, chemical reactions, organic chemistry, biochemistry, the properties of matter, and more.






Core Concepts: Biology
**BESSIE Award-winner!**
"Those seeking a thorough look at biology that goes beyond the birds and the bees will be pleased…a seamless format that instructors will find incredibly useful and students easily accessible." – School Library Journal

The second database in Rosen's Core Concepts suite encourages middle and high-school students to think like scientists! Supporting STEM learning and the Next Generation Science Standards, this rich resource covers the study of life from adaptation to zooplankton, and includes such topics as animal systems, cell biology, ecology, genetics, microbes, plant structures, and more.





Core Concepts: Periodic Table
**BESSIE and Revere Award-winner!**
"Ideal database for young researchers…clean, uncluttered…Core Concepts: Periodic Table is at the head of the pack." – E-Content Quarterly

The first database in Rosen's Core Concepts suite makes complex scientific concepts easy to understand and highly engaging. The intuitive, interactive interface encourages hands-on exploration to develop a deep understanding of the 118 elements that make up our world. This resource supports STEM learning and immerses learners in the building blocks of each element, their discoveries and uses throughout history, and much more.





PowerKnowledge Science Suite
**AEP, BESSIE, EDDIE, and TCA Award-winner!**
"Useful and kid-friendly…I've never experienced a site with more support or ease of operation…Provides the bridge between textbook, inquiry, and technology." – National Science Teachers Association

The PowerKnowledge Science Suite of three resources – Life, Earth & Space, and Physical Science – helps learners gather, describe, and use information to understand the natural and designed world. Comprised of curriculum-correlated content, it promotes STEM education, Next Generation Science Standards, digital literacy, and 21st-century learning skills while offering research, report, and homework help.

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