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Omnigraphics offers online platforms including Health Reference Library Premium, Health Reference Library, Teen Resource Center Premium, Teen Resource Center and Government Support Index Online.

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Health Reference Library Premium

An intuitive search functionality, an expanded suite of research tools, and includes news topics, articles and links to support organizations.  This premium subscription provides all of the functionality in the Health Reference Library along with access to all current and future editions of health eBooks. There are over 75 titles covering important health topics, conditions, and diseases.

Health Reference Library

This database provides comprehensive and authoritative information on health topics covering diseases, disorders, illnesses and wellness categories. Features include a database of useful contacts where users can find additional help and support, plus a knowledge base of frequently asked questions with informative, relevant answers and more.

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Teen Resource Center Premium

Omnigraphics’ enhanced database and eBook platform, Teen Resource Center Premium, offers an intuitive search function and an expanded suite of research tools. This premium subscription provides all of the functionality in the Teen Resource Center along with access to all current and future editions of Teen Health and Teen Finance eBooks.

Teen Resource Center

Omnigraphics’ Teen Resource Center provides today’s teenagers with the practical reference content they need. Engaging, easy-to-access topics are grouped into the three broad areas of Health, Financial Literacy and Personal Growth. In addition to authoritative coverage of the top issues facing teens today, the Teen Resource Center serves up links to support groups, hotlines and more, plus a searchable database of frequently asked questions complete with helpful, relevant answers.

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Government Support Index

An online database providing detailed information for all federal domestic programs offering financial and non-financial assistance. Users can find programs and agency contacts by federal agency, award types, applicant/beneficiary eligibility and subject of need. Programs are organized in a thoughtful and procedural way as to guide the user through the search and evaluation of programs, eligibility, and application procedures.

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